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We meet remarkable people making unique impacts in the world around them, or around the world. What limits did they overcome? what revolutions did they start? what thinking was changed? What's it like to find your flow, in a big way?

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Strategies and techniques, insights and feedback on expanding happiness through greater awareness and intention: "Happiness, in fact, is a condition that must be prepared for, cultivated, and defended ... by each person." We help move you there.


See the world in a new way - travel experiences, intriguing exhibits, special events.  Getting out of one’s comfort zone may require getting out of town.


Self-expression is vital to processing experiences and documenting personal growth.  Stories, insights, opinions from our readers.

Flow Magazine. Where the soul meets action.

Flow. Freedom, ease. The zone. Forward momentum expressing itself. Naturally, freely, authentically.

Flow Magazine seeks to motivate and inspire, through knowledge and insight, energy and alignment, connection to self and others.  Inspiring. Amazing. African.

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“Why is your hair so scraggly?” “Your hair should be getting smaller.” “Your hair looks like you were electrocuted.” “This hair does not go with the uniform.” “Can’t you make it look more like Jessica’s?” “Can’t you make it neat?” “Jessica?!” My daughter turned to me in exasperation, “the reason is in the name ‘Jessica!’ I […]

  I was on a call with a dear friend of mine, a banker who works across the so-called developing world building finance innovations.  He is by nature and profession an incredibly optimistic person.  He is based in Washington and happens to be African-American so I was very keen to knowing his first-hand perceptions of […]

Bringing new healing techniques to South Africa, Dr. Naylor and her colleagues consider next steps to sustaining their ground-breaking work. Naku Masuku, MSc [Community Development], Professional Services Director at Central Gauteng Mental Health Society, CGMHS, Pam Gillingham, MSc [Social Work], Director of the Family Life Center, FAMSA, and Zanele Luhabe-Morrison, BSc [Business], Life Coach on […]

Many of us understand the importance of self-healing through meditation and yoga, therapy and exercise.  However, when the trauma and violence gets too much, when our healers find it difficult to cope, where do they go? What do they do?  We recently sat down with Naku Masuku, MSc [Community Development], Professional Services Director at Central Gauteng […]

Flow highlighted DemoAfrica, a continent-wide initiative created to spur the growth and investment in African tech innovation.  Little did we know that barely a month later, the Zimbabwean DemoAfrica 2014 winner, Saisai Wireless, would be on stage quizzing President Barack Obama at the US/Africa Summit.  We called them up for a quick interview and caught up with […]

The system of racial oppression in South Africa touched every aspect of life here.  As a result, over time, black South Africans and their allies built the freedom struggle in four arenas of action: mass action, underground organization, armed struggle, and international mobilization.  In this way, each aspect of the system would be met with […]

We recently sat down with Mthetho Tshemese, a Certified and Practising South African South Psychologist. While in private practice, he often appears on television shows, speaks at conferences, is involved in the creative industry, is very active on twitter, and was recently appointed by the Deputy President to the South African National AIDS Council’s Trust. […]

Five or so of us are crammed into my roommate’s car, and are pulled over at a stop sign.  The police officer straddles up the car, while our hearts and minds race, trying to imagine anything we could have done in the past 30 minutes, 2 hours, year or so.  We are all too familiar […]